I hadn't realized how long it had been since I had posted any user comments.  (5 years).  I guess I should update this page.
I will work on it.  First 2011 comment below.
TFCs - 06/18/2011
John & Barb,

I received the finder-charts yesterday, very fast delivery! I just wanted to say thanks. These will be great to use and will obviously hold up out in the elements very well. I will definitely recommend this to my astronomy friends!



Green glow sheets: (01/10/2011)

I had a smaller piece of your glow in the dark stuff - it's the best I've found anywhere. Don't know why other stuff doesn't work, but yours is really powerful - a little charging goes a long way/. I have lots of visitors here, so it's helpful  in teaching people hopw to use telescopes, etc. and how not to bump into things in the dark - like tripod legs. ;-)
Greg S.

We sell these in 2 sizes, a 4x4 sheet and a 8"x12" sheet.
The 4x4" piece (16 sq inches) is $2.00 including US shipping.  The 8"x12" sheet (96 sq inches) is $11.00 including shipping.  It is self-adhesive.  I stick a piece on my skycommander buttons and wrote M and E etc on them with magic marker.  One gets a dark letter on a bright background.  Great on the end of my LX200 focusing knob. 

ASO Cleaning Products

Just a short note to thank you for making this cleaning kit available to amateur astronomers. I have used your Pegasus Kit for over a month now and I need to say that throughout my twenty years of using telescopes / eyepieces, I have not found anything that works as well
to clean optics. I'm especially impressed with how your cleaning solution dries streak-free.

Clear Skies,
Kit arrived in great shape. Works great! Thanks for the terrific product. ....I am sure I will be ordering refills at some point. Unfortunately for you not soon. I try and clean my optics as infrequently as possible.

I used the cleaning solution I bought from you on the telescope and I am very pleased with the results. Easy to use and no streaks. Great product!
Thanks, Andy
In the way of an endorsement, you may remember that I ruined a $75 Schuler filter with a lens pen (or so I thought). Last week I soaked the damaged surface of the filter with a cotton ball soaked in the magic juice, and lo and behold the "stuff" came off. The filter is almost as good as new.

I just finished cleaning the corrector on my NexStar 11GPS using the materials in your Pegasus kit. The corrector looks like new! I also used the kit to clean my TeleVue mirror diagonal. I didn't even need the rinse.....
By the way, I learned about your product from a couple of guys in my local
astronomy club in our [name removed] astronomy club (over 100 members). I'll certainly be glad to spread the word among our members and at star parties.

Telrad Finder Charts

ve which only cover the Messier objects. Thank you very much for a long needed product."



"I saw the Telrad charts at a star party in Chiefland,Fla and was very impressed. I am sure I will get much use from them...........they are much more detailed and easier to use than the old ones I currently have which only cover the Messier objects. Thank you very much for a long needed product."


Here is a user comment I got along with an order for the Globular Clusters of the Milky Way TFC: (Oct 23, 2005)
Really looking forward to your globular cluster book.  I have the other Telrad book, and really enjoy using it.
Vince G

When I requested his permission to quote that on my website, I got this in return:

As a matter of fact, you could add a comment from me that says: "anyone wanting a user friendly observing booklet with excellent finder charts of the most interesting deep sky celestial objects should have John's booklet with them. The charts are very easy to read with the important data right at your fingertips. The lamination insures you can use the booklet in the field with the telescope and not have a problem with dew. Even if you're using a Go-To system, a conventional finder scope, non-Telrad unity finder, or a pair of good binoculars, you'll find this booklet an essential item to have with you. It will really help you enjoy the celestial treasures of
the night-time sky. I highly recommend it."
Cheers & Dark Skies,
"Thanks for putting this chart together. I've been using mine for a couple of weeks now, and it makes finding objects easy. Much easier using these charts as opposed to the charts that list everything in the sky, including most that is too dim to see." "I love these charts and highly recommend them."
Bruce R. --07/02/2004
"I have abandoned my 10" Meade Goto Cat for a completely non -goto 16" Dob and I am really looking forward to the simplicity of searching through the sky again. I hear that your star chart is the best thing available." 06/06/2005 -- Tom B.
"I got your telrad finder chart about six months ago. It is absolutely my favorite and most used source for observing, in that, it has exactly the type of information format in just the way I think about finding things in the sky. In short, it is the most condensced practical reference I have found (and I have looked at a lot, both software and printed)."
June 27, 2005
Doug D.
"The 'Best' 300 TFC arrived and it looks like it will be a very useful atlas. I like the size and the convenience of having the four lists in one volume. Thanks for this fine tool."
09/18/04 -- P.J.