Updated 12/07/2014
More Used and One of a Kind Items (page 2)
Please ask first if these are still available.  I try to keep these pages updated, but sometimes forget.

Telrad #2 has a boo boo on the target.  A picture is below.  As I don't believe it affects the use of the it, I am asking the same for both. 

These are Nikon lenses and adapters that I used when I had a Coolpix 5000.  Camera is gone so these need a home.  Top left is a 2x teleconverter and the bottom left is a fisheye lens.  On the right are the adapters that allowed them to fit on the Coolpix.  They are a UR-E6 and UR-E5 respectively.

TC-E2 - $10 includes US shipping
WC-E68 - $30 includes US shipping
Nikon UR-E6 -$7 includes US shipping
Nikon UR-E5 - $7 includes US shipping