Duchek's Telrad Finder Charts -- "Go Deeper, See More"
With Telrad Finder Charts you will find more objects faster than in the past!
After 10 years, we have had to raise shipping rates to be more realistic.  The prices on the books has not changed.

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The Messier TFC
$18+$5 US shipping
The Messier Objects are some of the brightest, best known objects in the sky.  All are viewable with a 6" telescope and decently dark skies. This book is 15 pages and includes information on the Messier Marathon.
The "Best" 300 TFC
US shipping
Includes 4 popular catalogs of objects.  The Messier list, the Caldwell list, the Finest NGC Objects from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's Observer Handbook, and the Saguaro Astronomy Club's best NGC Objects.  All are viewable with a 8" telescope under decent skies.  The book is 45 pages and also includes information on observing the Messier Marathon.
Herschel 400 TFC advanced 400 10.0 $44+$7 US shipping Includes the generally accepted "best" 400 objects selected from the Herschel 2500 for the A.L. observing list.  These are significantly dimmer than the "Best" 300 and require a larger scope.  For good views a 10" or larger under dark skies is recommended. It has about 120 objects in common with the "Best" 300. 43 pages.
The Globular Clusters of the Milky Way TFC

US shipping
Includes all of the globular clusters known in the Milky Way at the time of writing.  About 125 can be seen with an 8" scope, 135 with a 10" scope and the final few require larger scopes, several needing dark skies and a 30" telescope.  32 pages.
200 Bright Planetary Nebulae TFC
US shipping
Includes the 116 A.L. Observing award nebulae and and additional 84 bright planetary nebulae.  Most can be seen with a 8" telescope under decently dark skies.  31 pages.

All of our Telrad finder charts have all pages completely laminated for moisture protection.  They are comb bound and can be reopened so that we can bind in Alignment star charts, Limiting Visual Magnitude Charts, and Meteor Radiant Charts if purchased at the same time.  This is done  at no cost if it is requested.  These books are an inexpensive way to "Go Deeper, See More" 

Our charts will also work with Rigel finders which have only the two center circles (0.5 and 2.0 degree), They also work reasonably well with a normal (or even better, correct view) finder scope.  Since they have the NGC/IC designations for the objects, they can also be used as a guide for a GOTO scope. 

Appropriate table of contents/index to make finding constellations and objects easy.  They are well designed, organized and easy to use. The catalog names are retained and cross referenced with the NGC designation. The tables give enough information to be sure you correctly identify it when you see it. 

All of the charts are organized in the same way.  They run from North to South in 4 groups, (0-6h, 6-12h, 12-18h, 18-24h).  Once you are in a section of the book, you can normally stay in that area all evening.  The table of contents include a small set of maps to help you remember constellation location as well as an index of where a constellation is located in the book.  All the charts are on 8.5"x11" and measure ~9"x11" with the binding.

Below are images of the cover and a sample page of each book.