Single  Red LED on keychain

After playing with this, I found I can put the keyring on my middle finger and turn the light on one-handed.  I can wear it like a ring, and not have to keep it in a pocket when using it.
The keyring may or may not fit your finger, (it is pretty decent size though, id=21mm), but if you put in on a ring that does fit, it is mighty convenient!  Even over gloves!

I have also stuck a little circle of velcro on it and stuck it to my laptop to use as a laptop light.   it works nicely there too.
How many uses for these can you find?

04/11/2012 Note:  We got a new shipment in and got a really good price on them. Because of increased shipping costs, we were unable to lower the price of a single one, but have dropped the price of 5 to $12 shipping included in the US.
These are really nice!  Unlike most of the tiny LED lights on keyrings. These have both a press on-release off switch  AND an on-off button so that they can remain on while you do other things.  The led is has a medium brightness.  I am finding these very useful around my observing site. 

Buy a bunch; give them to your friends!

In my tests, the battery lasted over 100 hours (continuous usage).  The battery can be replaced (4 screws) and it takes a CR3032 3V lithium battery.  These are very common.  This isn't a "throwaway" item.


one keychain $4 includes US shipping
5 keychains $12 includes US shipping.

  Flashing red LEDs with 9 volt battery connections
When at a public starparty there is a real risk of someone tripping over your tripod or equipment box.  When I have been alone I have tripped over my own equipment as you may well have.  This blinking red led is attached to a 9 volt battery connector. It will flash for months if needed on a single battery.  The connection will actually work from 3 volts to 9 volts, but it comes set up for a standard 9 volt battery.  Buy a few for using as a warning device.  $1 shipping is required no matter how many you buy.  The devices cost $0.80 each.  (Because I am just an amateur, the turned on LED in my picture looks white.  It is not, it is red. )

$1.00 shipping in the US is added no matter how many you purchase.  Each 9volt flashing red led set up costs $0.80.  Ask for shipping costs to foreign countries.