LX-200 & Magellan I and II Alignment Star Charts
The Alignment Star Chart (ASC) is a convenience for owners of the Meade LX-200 and Magellan I &II systems (same guide stars). Please specify which you have since the backsides are not identical.  Each of the charts is laminated, and the price ($11) includes shipping within the US.  Any of the ASCs can be bound into the Telrad Finder Charts if both are purchased at the same time.
LX200/Magellan Front displays the names of the alignment stars in the memory of the computer. This allows the user to quickly choose appropriate stars to align on. This is a list of the alignment stars

This is guide for mounting your LX-200 classic on your tripod.  It is a laminated paper product and is weatherproof and quite thin,  Simply place it on the screw and position it so that "north" faces north.  Put the scope on and when you can see just the black outline of the base, you are there.  Screw in the bolt with the paper guide still in place and you are ready to go.

$5.00 shipped in the US.

These can be purchased on line through PayPal above, or by mailing a check or money order for $11 each (be sure to specify which chart you want!) to:

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