"Customized" Ordering:
Hi everyone,

I have tried to keep my website as simple as possible, mostly because I want to spend my time doing other things than working on it.
The paypal interface can be modified to do many things, but I am not interested in spending too much time as I have other things to do like observing.  To that end I have kept the payments as simple as possible.  This has cost some flexibility in that you can only pay in certain amounts.  For example, we have customers who know they have the $7 discount we provide for upgrading from the Messier TFC to any of our more advanced ones.  The sticking point came in ordering and getting that discount. 
   Rather than develop a solution, this page has been started.  Here you can place an order in $1 units (each unit you buy costs $1).  To pay a $35 payment, order 35 units.  If you need to pay a known amount to duchekcs@duchekconsult.com, you can do it here.  Just select as units the number of dollars you need to pay.  Note in the comments what it is for (we usually know because we have already talked to you), but it is best to be sure.   This will allow you to use a credit card or echeck or balance for any amount you might need.  What a fine kludge! 

To find out the price and shipping of any order to any location in the world, email us at duchekcs@duchekconsult.com