NEW!!!  Gemini Level 4 Starchart:
The Alignment Star Chart (ASC) is a convenience for owners of the Losmandy/Gemini telescope/computer systems. T  Each of the charts is laminated, and the price ($16) includes US shipping.  Any of the ASCs can be bound into the Telrad Finder Charts if both are purchased at the same time.  Ask about international shipping.
The Alignment Star Chart (ASC) is a convenience for owners of the Gemini GoTo system by Losmandy. This system has many more >160 stars than the other systems and is more complex. For that reason, the map had to be doubled in size and displayed with 0h-12h on one side and 12h-24h on the other. This extra size allows the display of the names or designations of almost all of the stars. The Gemini system has some stars at > +70 degrees and < -70 degrees of declination. Those are not displayable on the map since it goes only to +60 and -60 degrees. Fortunately there are only about 8 stars of the 160+ that cannot be displayed.  The non-displayable stars are listed.

New Features of the L4 map:

1.  The preferred Alignment Stars which are easy to use on the menu system are in ALL CAPS on the chart. (all alignment stars are still shown).

2. The new stars available have been charted.

3. Hash marks have been put on the RA at 1 hour intervals to make estimating the RA of stars more convenient. 0h-12h are on one side of the sheet.  12h-24h are on the back.

4. As with all of our ASCs, the Gemini L4 is fully laminated, and can be bound into any one of our Telrad Finder Charts if purchased at the same time by request.

These can be purchased on line through PayPal above, or by mailing a check or money order for $16 each (be sure to specify which chart you want!) to:

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