Eyepiece Caps & Plugs

I have been using these myself for several years.  I find that I like them for several reasons. 
*    I am pleased with the bright colors.  If you have ever dropped one on the ground at night, they are a lot quicker to find. 

*    I have had them out in cold and warm weather and have not had one crack or be difficult to use. 
*    They fit quite snugly, but are also quite flexible so they can be attached and removed easily.  I try to sell the things that I find useful as I have found most others like them too.  I am pleased to say that I have become a dealer for this product.
Note: if you are just buying caps/plugs a $3.00 shipping charge is applicable. If you are purchasing a Telrad Finder Chart or Pegasus Kit the shipping on the caps/plugs is not applicable. Add the shipping charge if necessary using this button.

Internal Diameter
 Used for
Color Comments listed below are known eyepieces; measure yours and add it to the list.

0.965"; 24.5 mm
finderscope eyepieces,  0.965" eyepieces
$ 0.85
These fit many of the eyepieces for finderscopes. Very flexible

1.25"; 32 mm Standard end for 1.25" eyepieces $0.85
very flexible; grips well

1.375"; 35 mm
Eye end of various eyepieces
TMB monocentric, UO 12 mm Konig, Antares 1.25" eyepieces, Edmund RKE, QX 15 mm, Some older Plossls

1.5"; 38 mm
Eye end of various eyepieces $1.70
Vixen LV, Takahashi LE, Nagler type 5 20 mm, Nagler type 6, Panoptic 19, 24 mm, current Plossls.  Celestron 25x100 mm binoculars.
1.625"; 41 mm
Eye end of various eyepieces $1.70
yellow Lanthanum Superwide, Male thread T-rings, X-Cel EDs, Epic ED, Orion Lanthanum, 25 mm Plossl,

1.875"; 48 mm
Eye end of various eyepieces $1.70
yellow Speers Waler 5-8 mm zoom, Ethos, Radian, Nagler T4 12, 17, 22 mm. T5 26, 31 mm, Panoptic 22, 27, 35, 41 mm, Plossl 32,40, 50 mm.
Click-stop-zoom  8-24 mm.

2"; 51 mm
Standard end for 2" eyepieces $1.70 yellow very flexible; grips well; black no longer available.
1.95"; 50 mm
Cover for back of SCT
a bit stiffer than the yellow ones; grips well

Plug Outside Diameter
Used for
Cost Color Comments

0.965; 24.5 mm
barlows; focusers

1.25"; 32 mm barlows; focusers $0.85 yellow stiff
2"; 51 mm barlows; focusers $1.70 yellow stiff