Customized Weights: Individually made to solve a particular problem.

telrad 500g weight

These weights are prepared to order using lead shot in a polyethylene matrix. This allows the weight to be determined to within 10 gram.  Above are 250 and 500 g weights
Sample weight velcroed to side of telrad finder (500g weight)
bent_to_10_250g_2.jpg While cooling, they can be molded to conform to a tube. 250g example at left has been made to conform to a 12" tube.  Note that all lead shot are coated with polyethylene. (even the 4 that appear to be sticking up in the image at the left.



Screw holes can be molded in during the process.

Priced individually by order. 
Email for a price estimate

Uses & Information:

  • A small weight up by the finder can allow you to switch light to heavy eyepieces without rebalancing the scope (remove it when going to the larger eyepiece).
  • A larger weight up by the finder can adjust the balance of the OTA to a more convenient height (my telrad weight shown above) allows me to use my Dynascope 8" F/8 at zenith without a ladder.
  • Rotationally balance your tube for better guiding
  • many other uses..
  • Molded into different shapes in just the weight you need.  Rectangular and round shapes with or without screw holes are standard.
  • Our flat black paint (see ATM section) sticks to the polyethylene reasonably well. It may require 2 coats for a smooth finish.
  • They can also be covered with adhesive foam (see ATM section)
This is an individually made customized product to the specifications of the user.
To order these, the shape, size, and total weight of the weight must be provided by the customer.
Weights will be accurate to within 10 grams (1/3 oz) unless special arrangements are made.

Email to price a particular custom weight.