Cleaning Accessories and Pegasus Kit Refills:

Synthetic Cotton Replacement Pads
30 uncut 8x8 SCRPs
$7 includes US shipping
If you slice the folded 8x8 pad down the middle, it will provide 2 2x8 strips and 1 4x8 strip. It is left to the buyer to choose how many he wants of each type from the replacement bag. (Provided pre-cut in the Pegasus kit)

These single ply wipers are used in laboratories all over the world for delicate cleaning jobs. Many times they are used to clean optical windows, quartz cuvettes and such in that setting just before taking data readings on a sample. Made by Kimberly-Clark. Each box contains280 1-ply wipers that are 4.6"x8.4".

On Dr. Clay Sherrod's website he now mentions Kim-wipes as an alternative to the Synthetic cotton replacement pads in cleaning first surface mirrors.

$8/ box includes US shipping
$28/ 5 boxes include US shipping

Ultra-brush lipstick style lens cleaning brush

Last Edit: 2013-0623
Extends from container by twisting base. Brush never needs to be touched by you in normal use.

$8 includes US shipping