Bumper Stickers

I figure the more of these that get out there and are seen, the better off we all are. 
Put one on each of your cars, and anywhere else it might get seen by the public.

If you have ideas for other astronomy related stickers, I would love to hear them....
Deeper discounts will be offered for the purchase of over 10.
Buy 1 for $3 shipped .

4 for $10 shipped.

$3 includes shipping in the US.

View from front                                                       View from back

We located a bunch of silk pirate's eyepatches and bought them up.  These are nice for covering one eye while viewing with the other.  No more squinting!  Leave both eyes open and one eye is blocked by the eye patch. 

Another new product from necessity!  My telrad finder took a dive onto a concrete floor and broke the flat glass insert seen to the left.  I searched the internet for a replacement, but couldn't find one.  I was able to make a new one for it out of Lexan (unbreakable) plastic.   I realized there are probably others out there with the same problem so I made a few extra.  One of them is sitting on the right.  They come covered so they are in pristine condition.  The side with the blue marker on it is the side that should go up (has UV protection on that side for sun exposure)

These can be purchased on the bumper sticker/eyepatch page for $6 which includes US shipping.