Alignment Star Charts
ASCs are star charts made to assist you in aligning your computerized GoTo telescope.  While they are all based on one of two template star charts that display from 60 to -60 degrees declination,  the alignment stars are labeled by the same name that is used in the telescope's computer.  Where a star chart has two names, those computers share the same list.  With the advent of the CG-5/CGE chart, we have gone to an "abbreviated"  ASC.  These two GoTo scope use a database of alignment stars that includes many 3rd, 4th, and some 5th magnitude stars.  While this is laudable, it gives a database of 250 named stars.  To simplify the chart, only stars of brighter than 3rd magnitude stars are shown as these are the stars most likely to be used.  The chart for these telescopes contains about 130 stars and is quite acceptable for aligning these scopes. 
All of these charts are on 8.5"x11" paper and can be bound into the Telrad Finder Charts which are the same format.

Here are two samples of our star charts.  The second ( for scopes that use many more alignment stars) has half of the chart on each side of a page to provide room for more stars.
SkyCommander ASC
Format 1: For scopes with 20-100 alignment Stars

Celestron CPC 1-12h
Format 2: (both sides of sheet) for scopes with 100-200 alignment stars. Hash marks at each hour RA.

ASCs are available for many GoTo telescopes.  If you have one not on the list and wish to have one made, email me at  I am happy to make one up for most systems out there.  I will need from you a list of the alignment stars for your system.  Sometimes the manufacturer can send you one.  Alternatively you can write the list while scrolling through the alignment stars on your computer. 

Note: If you purchase an ASC at the same time as one of our Telrad Finder Charts, the ASC or other star chart can be bound in as the last page of the book at no charge.  Just request it!


CG-5/CGE Abbreviated ASC
About 130 stars brighter than 3rd magnitude are displayed; the actual database includes stars to mag 5+ (250 stars in db), Format 2. $16 includes US shipping

Celestron CPC ASC Celestron
About 100 stars; Format 2  $16 includes US shipping

Nexstar ASC Celestron
40 stars; Format 1 $11 includes US shipping.

Celestron Ultima 2000 Celestron
28 alignment stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

Gemini-Losmandy L4 Chart
161 stars;  Stars on the main list are printed in all uppercase; Stars on the supplemental list are in lowercase.  Format 2.  $16 includes US shipping

iOptron SmartStar & GoToNova iOptron
35 stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

Argo Navis and NGC-SuperMax
35 stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

30 stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

LX-200 and Magellan Meade Format 1.  $11 includes US shipping.

Orion Intelliscope ASC Orion Telescope
23 stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

Sky Commander ASC Sky Engineering About 38 stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

Sky Commander XP4 Flash Sky Engineering
78 stars; Format 1; with Northern chart on one side; southern chart on the reverse; Some overlap  $11 includes US shipping.

Televue SkyTour ASC Televue
31 stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

Vixen Sphinx StarBook ASC Vixen
39 stars; Format 1  $11 includes US shipping.

US Shipping is $1 for these laminated items. This will be included in the price shown on Paypal.

Any of these star lists (no graphics) in Excel spreadsheet format are available for $5 by email delivery.  Send $5 by paypal to with the name of the file you would like. The complete list for the CG-5/CGE is also available.