The Telescope Collar

Does your telescope need a collar?  I own two that do.  My SkyWatcher 7" and Orion 10" newtonian both have "friction fit" dust covers.
Of course both fall off regularly.   The advice both companies gave me was "put a little sticky paper on it to increase friction".  That
works for about 2 weeks until the paper crushes, friction goes down, and the  cover falls off.  Don't get me started on my old Meade SCTs
where the covers never stayed on.
    All of these scopes are expensive, and the friction fit covers are cheap.   All of the scopes have a ring at the top of the tube, and
usually several screws just below it that hold it on. 
I have 3D- printed collars for my Skywatcher 7" and Orion 10" that avoid the screws and sit under the ring on the OTA.  They are
screwed together, and do not require any permanent attachment to the scope.  A small bungee cord can run from one side to
the other side of the collar to hold the cover on, and does not hook to your telescope.
Thus no modification to the scope is necessary.  I can make these for any scope if you give me the exact circumference of your
(not ring) and the number of screws below the ring.  Email me at for more information.
You supply your own screws, nuts and bungee cord.  I will supply the collar.  The holes are made for common 10-24 machine screws.
  Of course the collar can be used to attach other things to the end of the scope also.

Orion 10" unit (requires 6 to make circle)

Skywatcher 7" unit (requires 4 to make circle)
Orion Collar (6 units) for 10"OTA (includes $3 shipping)...$15
Skywatcher 7" Mak-Cas (4 units) for 7" OTA (includes $3 shipping)...$11
Celestron C90M collar, 2 units, 10.4cm diameter ($11 includes $3 shipping
Meade ETX 127 ($11 includes $3 US shipping)