Pegasus Field Lens Cleaning Kits
Pegasus Field Lens Cleaning Kit:
This kit has been designed to take up a small amount of room, but give you the ability to properly clean your refractive glass wherever you are. 

We carry the Pegasus Kit in two varieties:
  • a "large" which has 4 oz of cleaning solution and 2 oz of the rinse solution
  • a "regular" which has 2 oz of cleaning solution and 2 oz of the rinse solution
They come in the same container, and all other components are the same.

For information on the ASO cleaning solutions used in the Pegasus kit,
see ASO Cleaning Solutions

It includes:
  • Regular has 2 oz A.S.O. Cleaning solutions set of cleaner and rinse
  • Large has 4oz/2oz A.S.O. Cleaning solutions set of cleaner and rinse
  • 1 "lipstick" type Ultra brush (small, very soft, and since it retracts into its case it never needs to be touched by your hands)
  • 20 of the 8x8" non-woven synthetic cotton replacement pads recommended by A.S.O. as a good non-linting cleaning cloth.
  • 10 of the 8x8" non-woven synthetic cotton replacement pads cut into smaller strips for smaller jobs.
  • All in a 9x7x2 double latched clear plastic box to keep the contents clean.

Regular Pegasus kit is $33 includes US shipping

Large Pegasus kit is $38 includes US shipping

See User comments!

Andromeda Cotton Accessories
Because the materials used in the Pegasus kit do not shed fibers like cotton does, the cotton replacement pads are a superior cleaning device. Even so, there are times when cotton balls, pads or cotton swabs have a place in cleaning eyepieces. Often it is difficult to work near the edge of an eyepiece and a cotton swab is the answer. In the testimonial in the user comments, one user used a cotton ball soaked in the cleaner to remove problems induced by a cleaning pen.

Even though cotton does shed fibers and cannot be included in the Pegasus kit or they would shed all over the replacement pads, we are now offering the "Andromeda Cotton Cleaning Accessories" This package isolates 2 basic 100% cotton cleaning aids....cotton swabs and cotton balls in a 6"x3.5"x1 double clasp polypropylene case. 

Note: Until 01/01/2008 this kit used to contain cotton pads, but the non-cotton pads are so superior that we have discontinued these.  In there place we have put more cotton balls and cotton swabs.  I haven't retaken the pics below yet so they still show the center compartments with pads.  

Since these items are easily replaceable locally, no refills are being offered at this time. This is simply a convenient method to store and keep pristine a small quantity of these cotton cleaning accessories in a container suitable to be taken along with the Pegasus Field Cleaning Kit. It also rounds out our offerings of lens cleaning supplies.

Price: $8.50 includes US shipping

Regular Pegasus kit + Andromeda kit  $38 includes US shipping  
Save shipping when buying both Pegasus and Andromeda kits  ($3.50)

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Large Pegasus kit + Andromeda kit  $43 includes US shipping
last update: 2013-0823

Final notes:
ASO cleaning solution is designed to work on the normal things you find on lenses such as fingerprints and skin oil.

Some of my users find other things on their equipment that require special solutions.  A couple of items that have come up:

Pine tree resin on corrector plates.  Usually you are better off doing a pretreatment with 91% isopropanol, especially if you have a lot of it.  The resin is not very water soluble and is slow to dissolve even in isopropanol. A q-tip or cloth with isopropanol on it should loosen and dissolve it slowly.  It would require many treatments with ASO to do what one or two cleanings with alcohol would do.  After most of the resin is removed with the alcohol, a final wash and rinse with ASO cleaner will bring the item back to full cleanliness. Remember in all cases the cleaner is applied to the cloth and not directly to the lens.  This allows you to limit the movement of the liquid so it doesn't get down inside the lens.
A friend of mine tried to use ASO cleaner to clean a lens.  A corner of the wipe picked up some grease from under the extendable eyecup.  This contaminated the lens surface with grease.
ASO cleaner doesn't do well for grease, and again isopropanol would work better to get most of it off before trying ASO cleaner.  The grease was meant to remain on some threads near the eyepiece lens, but it got spread around   The moral of the story is to remove the eyecups if possible and remove any extra grease near the lens BEFORE trying to clean the lens.  Here are some pictures: