Virgin White PTFE* in multiple sizes!
Both prices and shipping have increased since I put these on the site and I have been forced to increase the cost significantly.  (2016-0801).  The new prices are

The material will normally be provided as a single piece of the square area specified (square or rectangular).  If not, we will communicate to insure acceptability.

If you wish the pieces precut into various sizes, there is a $0.50/piece cutting charge.  All pieces will be cut into rectangles of the user specified areas.

Shipping is $4-6 depending on the thickness of the material. Note that shipping is added to each unit ordered because of our simple paypal set up. If you order several different sizes, shipping will be added several times.  This can get outrageous.  We do refund the excess shipping to your paypal account even if you don't ask. 

Thickness (inches)
($/sq inch)
Order # of units (sq inches)
thin sheet (0.002") 70 cents/sq inch
40 cents/sq inch
50 cents/sq inch
$1.00 /sq inch
$1.60/sq inch
$2.75/sq inch
$3.50/sq inch
Adhesive backed PTFE
$0.50/sq inch
Specify rectangular shape if needed (from 1x36 to square).  I use this in my dynascope tube rings.  It holds tight enough when the screws are tightened, but loosen them a bit and I can rotate the tube more easily.  It works much better than the felt I used to use.

*I found out that this PTFE is not Teflon(R) brand.  Thus I have removed the Teflon(R) name and now refer to it as generic PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene).  If you need the Teflon(R) brand, I can get it by special order.  Expect it to be at least 2x as expensive.

We can special order other thicknesses if needed.

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Criterion 8" tube ring with adhesive back PTFE on it.