Meteor Radiant Sky Chart

This 2 sheet (4 page) chart is a starchart labeling the 70+ meteor shower radiants and labeling them with peak date and rating (weak, medium strong, variable). The second sheet is listing of the showers with name,abreviation, duration, speed, ZHR and more.  The chart takes up both sides of one page, while the second page lists the showers and gives additional information.  Both Chart and list are completely laminated.  If purchased at the same time as a Telrad Finder Chart it can be bound into it at no extra charge.  Just ask!  Both these and the Telrad charts are printed on 8.5x11" paper.

Radiant location is marked with an *
The label gives the peak date (MM-DDx) where x is the rating (w,m,s,i)
This information usually allows you to identify the radiant without going to the list

The list correlates the radiant with further information such as shower abbreviation, Duration of shower, R.A. and Dec of Radiant, speed of meteors, and ZHR
If you are out observing and note more than usual meteor activity, this chart is your quick guide to identifying the active shower.
$12 includes US shipping.