Lunar Observation Worksheet

This is the reusable observation planner that I use for my planning observation sessions.  It is 11"x17" (foldable to 8.5" x11" if you wish). It is laminated so you can use a Sanford Sharpie for writing on it, and isopropyl alchohol to erase it.  The same image is on both sides so that you can have 2 observing plans available at one time.  It is available as the correct normal image (shown above), reversed horizontally, vertically or both.  Mare Crisium is the circular sea between the numbers 1 and 3 near the edge on the picture above. (Some folks like it to match the view in their telescope.)  Choose whether you would like Mare Crisium (MC) in the upper right, upper left, lower right, or lower left quadrant of the image.  These are shipped rolled with no crease so that folding it is your choice.  $11 includes US shipping.
MC as shown (upper right)
MC on upper left (flip right to left)

MC on lower right (flip top to bottom)

MC on lower left (flip both ways)