New!!!  Lunar Resolution Chart

    These LRC are produced by John Duchek of Duchek Consulting (duchekcs@ with the permission of the author, M. Clark. ( The maps are available at no  charge in  electronic form  on the Whitepeak Lunar Observatory website We are providing a laminated version that can be used at your telescope.  These charts are printed on 8.5"x 11" paper and can be bound into the Telrad Finder Charts since they have the same format.

In addition to the maps and table reproduced here, there is much more information about resolving lunar landmarks on the WLO site and I recommend it highly. The 3 sites reproduced in this document have small markings representing the diameter of individual small craters and other objects (in kilometers) on easy to locate parts of the moon. They have been chosen so that at least one of them should be observable during most phases of the moon other than thin crescents. By using your telescope visually or photographically and observing the smallest objects that you can distinctly see, you will have a direct measure of your resolution.

The sample pages have been reproduced here at lower resolution for use on our website.  The Lunar images printed are at 300 dpi.

$12 includes US shipping.  The product is fully laminated.