Abbreviated Celestron CG5 & CGE
The Alignment Star Chart (ASC) is a convenience for owners of the  CG5-Goto and CGE-AGT

This is a dual sided sky chart (one side displayed below) which displays the names of the alignment stars in the memory of the computer. This allows the user to quickly choose appropriate stars to align on.  It is abbreviated because the CG5 uses alignment stars down to 5th magnitude (about 250 of them).  This chart displays all of those 3rd magnitude and brighter, which are plenty to do ones alignments.  I have the full database of stars available as a spreadsheet if you are interested in the complete set.

Charts are fully laminated.  $16 includes US shipping

These can be purchased on line through PayPal above, or by mailing a check or money order for $16 each (be sure to specify which chart you want!) to:

Duchek Consulting Services
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