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We are beginning to place new items on the site.  Watch for 3-D printed products and electronic accessories. 
Note: we respond to all orders with a confirming email and and estimate of when it will be shipped (today or tomorrow usually).  That email will be sent within hours, definitely less than a day.  Occasionally paypal will not notify us of an order and we do not know about it.  If you do not get a confirming email for your order within 24  hours, feel free to contact us as it means we do not know about it.  

Spectroscopy of FiltersHave you ever wondered how you could check the light transmission on the filters you use?  Companies often include a spectrum with a filter.  They often do not.  Are you curious to see what a filter's spectrum looks like before you buy?  DCS is making that service available.   

Use and  Astro-Mall and Astroclassifieds.com for buying and selling your used equipment.  They are great free sites!  Unlike Astromart, there is no $15 fee to sign up or to change your email address or other data. (and they still claim it is a free service.) Even if you post your stuff on Astromart, post on these too and  help them grow.  Competition is a good thing. There are more and more people finding these sites friendlier and cheaper to buy and sell on.  Besides, Herb has kicked so many people off that you will have a whole new audience.   I was booted because I politely questioned the high prices of Astromart ads and their latest increase.  His reply:  "You are history"   So consider my website a historic site!
Also check out http://www.astronomyratings.com/   and rate the equipment you have purchased so that everyone can benefit.
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